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Back to school, have to start looking at peoples’ faces again. Not that I am a lock in because I can’t be one, I need to talk to other people from time to time.Also I have to think what to wear, it’s hard to think of outfits and I have to get nagged by teachers, complaning that my handwriting is ugly.

I haven’t even finished by summer homework.

I am only keen on TOPBOM. There are other pairings that I like but I only only care about TOPBOM. Yes I do get crazy and become emotionally unstable when I see new TOPBOM moments. It’s so cute that nobody can say no.

I  know they might be doing it just for the fandom and make us feel happy. Seriously, out of all the stuff that Bom could have liked on instagram, she liked a TOPBOM video.

TOPBOM  is offically confirmed. That pairing do exist and they want  to keep it low profile (but it’s not working,   the YG family concert fancams…). I don’t even care, they have to be dating/secretly married.


Sorry about my annoying voice.

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I have another Kpop album sale because I really want  to reduce the amount of albums that I have but I don’t want  to throw them away so I made another sale video so that I can make some cash and the album can go to a better owner.

These albums are only cheap if you live in London because these albums are heavy to ship, so if you live in London, we can meet up and I can only meet up onthe weekends.

Album I have for sale:

G-dragon - One of a kind - £5

2ne1 - 2nd mini - £4

B.A.P - Badman- £4

Brown Eyed girls - Sixth sense- £3

T-ara - Black eyes - £4

Super Junior - SPY - £3

The conditions of the albums are shown in the video, so please refer  to the video and if you’re interested, please comment on the youtube video and I will private message/email you the details. 

MUSIC : Run by EXO
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I don’t think the actors and actresses need to do anymore excerise for a while, the amount of running that they had  to run this ep, wow. Especially Ryosuke, he ran the most, up the buldings, down the alley ways and etc. Since this ep had A LOT of running then I thought it would be best to use EXO’s Run as the soundtrack for this FMV. Since they both related to running.

As you may know now, I LOVE K-pop and it took me forever to come up with my top 5 bias list and Yamada Ryosuke is just destorying it, it’s like he just KO all my top biases. He definitely has a beautiful smile and I love just facial expressions, it’s really cute and dorky. Something that I haven’t seen in a while! Same for Haruna, she’s just adorable. I already liked her since the drama called something Yankee (the name is too long.), then from Host club, she was the main reason why I even watched it and now this Kindaichi series.

I can’t believe it , it’s already ep 6. I enjoyed my summer because of this drama and it’s sad that we are getting closer to the end of this series. Seriously directors, make 3 more seasons and 5 more specials with Ryosuke and Haruna! (I actually wanted 5 more seasons and 10 more specials but that is impossible.) It doesn’t even matter if you use old cases (that are already be used in the older seasons)! Did anyone realise that in the next ep, a character is called ‘Haruna’, for reason I started to laugh although it isn’t funny

Too many kpop albums to buy.

I thought I could finally take a break from buying kpop albums, for the past two month , most of my fav groups all decided to release an album. Of course, I had to get them to support them , so my bank statement looks totally horrible that I don’t want  to look at it lol. 

For this Sept, I thought I would just buy T-ARA and that it! Enough is enough! However, that isn’t the case! Orange caramel just released ‘my copycat’ and it’s totally amazing and I love Orange caramel and found out that Sistar is releasing a special album, F(x) possibly repackage (hope there will be at least 3 new songs.) and TTS is too making a release and I have to it get because I love Taeyeon.

I hope B.A.P and EXO don’t release any albums as of now. I can’t handle it. It’s too much -lol!

MUSIC : Don’t Leave by T-ARA
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I think this is one of the worst FMV that I have made so far, so sorry that it’s rubbish! Ryosuke and Haruna’s moments were really short in this ep, so I have  to use  past clips from other eps to make it into a FMV. Certain moments were almost in syn with the music  but it wasn’t , so it annoys me when I watch. So sorry if you see the unsync parts.

Since Hajime have be solving many cases , I think it’s about time for him to be a killers- lol. Of course I’m joking and it’s obvious that he is not the killer.

I seems like every week, I’m complaing that there isn’t enough eps of Kindaichi and clearly there isn’t lol. Producers , stop with these cliff-hanger eps. It’s really hard for me to wait for 7 days  just for one ep that’s only 45mins long. Seriously, please consider  to extend the eps to 1 hour and 30min.

Now for an unbias view of ep, to be honest, I think this ep lacked some emotions. I don’t know, it feels like the ep would have been better if Miyuki looked like if she were about to cry but her eyes were just widen open… Well I don’t blame her since her roles are mainly the happy/bossy student roles and have barely any scenes where she’s deverstated…

I couldn’t make a Kindaichi FMV today, stupid window movie maker kept on crashing. It’s obvious that it cannot stand the epicness of Kindaichi and I really want to a make a FMV for ep 5 :(

I’m dreading for this day to come~

4 days later is my result day and  the grade will determine if I get kicked out of the school and what type of university I should apply.

Honestly, I don’t even want  to know what I got. I don’t want  to see those letter printed on the paper. I just feel so annoyed that I have  to get my grades at a certain time because of my surname.

I prefer not  to know than know. I know I am just being a coward but I dislike having to face it and solve it. It’s not like maths where I can just cross out the mistakes and start over.

MUSIC : Summer Lover by F(x)
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

When I was watching the ep, I was shock of who was the murderer, after watching so many eps of Kindaichi , I thought I would have some sort of detective brain by now but obviously I don’t. I guess this is why I love Kindaichi and detective dramas because they always amaze me.

The preview of ep 5, it’s going to be intense,  there’s going to be the return of puppet from hell, challenging Kindaichi again. Of course we all what will be the outcome lol , have to wait for another week for that intense ep to come out and of course, it will be a cliff-hanger ep. This drama series, all the ep should just be those 1  hour 30min long special. 

This ep didn’t have much Haruna and Ryosuke moments because it was destoryed by the side characters lol nevertheless, this ep was amazing!

I am a Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo bias, so anything that relates to Kindaichi, just automaically get 100/100 . Sorry my review of the drama is very bias.

MUSIC : Sunny Day Hero by SHINee
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I think I overdone it with the special effect so sorry if you get a headache from watching this. Also I realised that I mainly use female kpop songs as the theme song for my FMV so I decided to use a male kpop song  for this FMV.

Another great ep from Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N , they have yet failed to disappoint me. I love everything about this drama lol. This ep ended with such a big cliff-hanger, have to wait for another week for the new ep to be released.

The director of this drama is making me go crazy! To me, Hajime and Miyuki love each other without knowing it and in the anime they hint their love secretly but this director is  rubbing it in my face and i just love  when they interact with each other , it’s so GOOD!  

Ryosuke is an  amazing actor, in the anime Hajime isn’t (constantly) presented that much of a prevert but Ryosuke done a really good job to convince me that Hajime is a prevert lol. Also Haruna is also a good actress.

I never understood why my mum always force me to attend Chinese school…However, I finally understood why! Is to watch Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N with Chinese subs (because there’s no English subs at the moment).


Of course my mum never intended this lol it’s just a joke.

Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N pt 2

I am still spazzing over Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N , I have to wait for 7 days just for a new ep and it’s killing me! That drama is one the best drama that I have ever seen! Although I am excited that a new ep is released , it also depresses me because  there’s one ep closer to the last ep. I don’t want  this drama to end. I hope that they will do more seasons of Kindaichi with Ryosuke and Haruna. I know that they get old and etc but at least let them be Hajime and Miyuki for another 3 more years (I actually wish for another 5 more years but that seems impossible.)

MUSIC : It’s You by D-Unit
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I think it’s obvious that I love this drama as well as Ryosuke and Haruna (Hajime and Miyuki). Their acting is amazing for their age and their role in the drama.

I think the director knows that I love~ this couple that they are starting  to add more skinship  in this drama.Its making me go crazy and of course I watch the drama for the actual sotryline than seeing Ryosuke and Haruna lol.

I plan to make a MV per ep of this drama series and the preview for next ep  has better skinship of this couple and sorry for my bad editing skills.  

Skinship: it’s a Kpop term, it means when two character’s skin touch each other ie. holding hands/ hugging

DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

Hi, I am back with another FMV of Ryosuke and Haruna, I just love them and the drama. Their chemistry are amazing. Although they are not attached to each other, I can feel their character’s (Haijime and Miyuki) attachment towards each other - that’s good acting.

I know I suck at editing so sorry that this FMV isn’t amazing as other people’s FMV. I made this MV because there is almost zero FMV dedicated to this couple, so I just had to make one.

Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N

Spazzing MODE.

That ep was amazing, I freaking loved it , I am so happy that its finally a drama series than a drama special. The chemistry with Haruna (Miyuki) and Ryosuke (Hajime) is really amazing. Although they say they are just best friends , I really really wish that they become couple in the drama (in real life would be better lol).

That ep special was 1 hour 30min long but I think the other ep will just be 1 hour long max. I wish all the eps were 1 hour 30min long.