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This morning, I was scrolling on my facebook and read a digimon post and it’s a brand new season ,basically adventure 03. 

Anybody that have watched digimon adventure 01 would freaking love this , it’s basically bringing Tai back into the game. I was sad about adventure 02 because I didn’t like how the adventure 01 characters became side characters. Also Tai is my ALL TIME FAV digimon character, so it was sad to see him not have a big role in adventure 02.

He’s 17 and is still a digidestant. This is a sign that I can still be one, my dream hasn’t fully been crushed yet…

I think it’s obvious that the anime will be 100/100, no need to question it.

My sister was joking and said that it would be funny if the digivice and digigate was a phone app.

Normally, I don’t share all my Ryosuke and Haruna FMVs on tumblr but I just really love this FMV, not because of my crappy editing skills but Ryosuke and Haruna’s moment. lol

Music: Juniel - I think I’m in love
Show: 山田涼介×有岡大貴×川口春菜メレンゲ×金田一コラボSPまいう~ミステリーツアー③『黒毛和牛カレーパン』『アイスポップコーン』2014年7月19日


It’s been a while and I miss Kindaichi and I miss this pairing.I really need another Kindaichi special and new season with Haruna and Ryosuke.

My fav scene was when Haruna gave tissue to Ryosuke but he didn’t want it. I don’t know why, I found it really cute.

No one can deny that they look super cute  together. I know I am becoming over obessive with this pairing but I just love them. It’s really hard  for me to find a good pairing. I totally love TOPBOM and Haruna and Ryosuke (serioisly, they need a pairng name.)

Also, I think I am not the only that’s is crazy over this couple, I am pretty sure that there’s that one person that loves this pairing just as much as I do.

I am supporting SM, I don’t care if you’re going to hate me for that.

I know everybody hates SM  because they treat  their idols like crap. Honestly, please stop cursing SM and hoping for  that company  to fail.

I will be honest, SM is the father of K-pop. They put out new rookies group every decade. If SM didn’t make SNSD and Super Junior , I would not have known about K-pop and would not be exposed to this K-pop fandom.

People only read things from ALLKPOP and think that they are all reliable. I do believe that the treatment to the idols are inhuman but com’on, they have to train and keep fit for those comebacks. SM have to ensure that their preformance is 100% on point. Sometimes, I think that lawsuits are just sudden, it’s like they never discussed with SM before filling a lawsuit, it’s like the idols just sit there and wait for all the stuff to happen then file a lawsuit. What about Sulli? She felt depressed and SM let her go on haitus. Isn’t that a sign of SM not being so inhuman. What about Boa? She’s been with them for 13 years and over and she is still there. There must be something that’s making Boa stay with SM.

SM trained them for many years , so I think the idols should know that training is hard, it’s not something unexpected.Stop actng  so shock when your idols are stressed because of training, all idols in every company goes through that stress, so it’s not SM being a BITCH.

To be honest, people are saying that SM only cares about money well, idols too only care about money. They signed the contract because they knew that they will make money not because they wanted  to have a large fan-base and be loved by everybody. A purpose of an orgainsation is to make money.

Also, it cost money to train these idols, so it’s unfair that SM spent money on them  then they just turn around and say bye, Im leaving. SM is losing money. Whereas, the idols are famous because they were once under SM. That’s not fair.

I just want  to say that SM makes good songs. Airplane, Run,Wait a minute, MAMAICTA, Hurricane Venus and the list goes on. It’s not like SM treat them like crap all the time, SM makes songs that make them shine. E.G Paper Heart, Sulli’s voice shined in that song, although she barely had any lines. Everybody, that demonsrated Taemin,Jonghyun, Key and Onew’s amazing high notes.

So basically, without SM, you will save a lot of money because there isn’t new music to buy since all the idols are just leaving and you  will lose out on good kpop songs.  I don’t want  to keep money in bank , I want  to spend it on Kpop albums. That is why I got a bank so that, I can use paypal. I only want money to exchange for goods, without SM. WTF , what am I going to do?

To be honest, I do hate SM for kicking out Jessica. However, I  hope that SM can endure this problem and still function. Hope that their stock prices can stop dropping.

I need Kindaichi!

I honestly, don’t know  what anime/drama  to watch now that Kindaichi the drama and anime finished last month.

Really hoping for a Kindaichi special 2015 but the TV stations haven’t released any information about it yet so I assume there won’t be a Kindaichi new year special.

I know we haven’t hit 2015,  so of course there’s still hope for new series. I hope they keep the same cast.

Something that I just found it during the summer.

When I was watching the 1st drama, I was like I wish I watched it when I was a child , it would be even more meaningful however, as I watch the drama I started to recognise a lot of scene.

There was  this scene where a female vampire was being burned on  a cross. At that moment I was like I watch this when I was young! That scene was stuck in my head for life. Whenever I see a cross I see a female vampire being burned. It’s nothing  freaky, I don’t get scared! It’s just that scene mesmerize me when I was 3.

So yeah, Kindaichi was  part of my childhood. This was the drama that I wanted  to watch for many years because I always wondered what drama did I watch to be mesmerize by that vampire scene.

A friend told  me that the member that I dislike (in my media group), when we sit together as a group, she death glares me for an hour or so. I didn’t realise it but  another members that sits besides me , feels the tension between me and the memeber I dislike… I feel sorry for her that she has to experince this crap. I am totally fine with working with somebody that I don’t like because it’s life but I just cannot accept it  that the work that the memeber I dislike produces are below standards.


Watch Video

Please do watch the video to see the quality of the video.

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Thank you YG for doing this world tour YG family concert, now I can see plenty of TOPBOM’s moment.

Although TOPBOM moments isn’t constant, they are one of the active ship because there are some ship where they just fade out but this ship is still alive!

There’s too many TOPBOM coming at once, it’s hard to handle it -lol




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Please do make offers because I don’t know what Kpop photocards are actually out there lol

As long it’s offical and it’s the member I want, I don’t care what album it’s from.

I don’t mind trading internationally but I do prefer to trade within U.K

Please do make a video and upload it onto YOUTUBE , showing that you actually own the photocard and PLEASE DO NOT BE THOSE EVIL PEOPLE  BY NOT TRADING THE PHOTOCARD WITH ME. It does take a lot of courage to actually trade with people that you actually don’t know.

Drama:Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
Music: Angel by EXO-K
I do NOT OWN anything. I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I always believed that there won’t be an end to this drama but end needs to come to an end and ep 9 was the last ep. When it comesto dramas, I am never desprate for a new season but for Kindaichi in general ,I’m always desprate for a new season. I could never get enough of Kindaichi. Directors please make a new year special. I really want a special that includes Reiko.

I know this is rare but I hope Ryosuke and Haruna can reunite (as couple) in other dramas. I’m hoping for special A (on of my fav anime.) live action. I hope there are directors out there that adore this couples so that he/she can force them to be couplesin future dramas.

I didn’t forget  to make one, I was just busy to upload it.

You’re gonna meet people in your life that you just don’t like and want to toss them off the bridge. However, if you’re force to work with them then just do so.

It’s just I have a new member in my media group and she doesn’t like me and  I don’t like her too because she doesn’t like me she chooses not to listen to what I suggest and go with her instinct or just totally ignore me. To be honest, I feel like she’s dragging me and my group downwards. I am not sounding cocky, my teacher said that our group was the strongst but ever since she joined , I feel like it’s moving downward. Even if she doesn’t do her work and it wouldn’t effect my coursework grade but I dislike the fact that there’ a task that’s imcomplete.

I have  to rant on this, nobody in our group is a leader. She needs to stop acting like a leader. She needs  to stop questioning us what we’re doing because as far as I concern she’s done nothing!

I am desperate to kick her out of the group but I can’t. It will be horrible because that means she literally failed the course.

I hate it how I have  to be kind and smile to her when she just gives me the cold looks and ignores me all the time.


I really dislike it how people always compare Ryosuke and Domoto. To be honest, I do like Domoto more than I like Ryosuke acting as Kindaichi but give Ryosuke a break. He is not Domoto, so it’s obvious that his acting skills are different to Domoto’s acting skills.Also, Ryosuke didn’t even do a bad job at acting as Hajime.

Music: Turn the lights on by D-unit
Drama: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do NOT own anything, I only made this to show my love.

The last story for this drama seriesx and  the next ep will the be the last ep. I really hope they make a new year special like what they done for 2013 and 2014. There’s  story that I really wished that they have done but they haven’t done it , so i hope that there will be a new year special for the story that i really love! I still hope they keep Haruna and Rysouke as Miyuki and Hajime.

Another ep that include the puppt from hell, he kills a lot of people but cannot protect. Murderers do  have weaknesses. He needs Hajime to protect he step bro/sis. Really? Well I guess  vilians do have their own weakness.

I really hope  they end the ep with something really cute. Like the other seasons , they end it with a very cute Miyuki and Hajime moments. Seaseon 1 and 2  they ended it with them trying to confess (but fails) , Season 3 is where Hajime is holding Miyuki’s hand and the season 4 (i guess) is where Miyuki tries to hint it but Hajime is not paying attension lol. Maybe they should end the seires of Hajime trying to kiss Miyuki, I  think I would die since I really love Hajime and Miyuki as well as Haruna and Ryosuke.

I already said this on tumblr, I love special A and I really hope they make it into a live drama  with Haruna and Ryosuke.  I prefer Haruna acting bright , her smile fits the bright anime female characters lol. I think it’s about time for Ryosuke to act rich, arrogant and smart.  Directos, just put  them into a drama as a couple (of course) and might as well do a detective school Q reunion. That drama would be epic!

I found this funny, I was presenting in media and when I got my feedback, one of them were “Good information but you’re talking too much.”
It’s already time for T-ara and TTS to take my money.

People that don’t know Chinese, please stop saying stuff like Mandarin is the main Chinese and Cantonese is chinese but not really chinese. They are both dialects and that’s it. Stop trying to seperate the two and make it seem like Chinese is on a next level of language and nobody can understand. They only differ by the pronunciation and slang. We use the same words, same spelling and same  grammar.

You don’t even know Chinese but try so hard to seperate the two as well as why try so hard to make them so distinct. You’re just making it over complicated. They are just dialect, still Chinese not a language within a language.