Just saw some TOPBOM images from the RECENT YG family concert. Fangirl explosion.

I know that on her insta , she said that she was joking that TOP is her lover and there were fan wars on the comment section that Bom is secretly admitting that she is/not dating TOP. I don’t care if it’s real or not , I totally believe that they are dating and she wrote ‘joking’ so that stupid saesang (crazy stalker) fans don’t murder her.

I don’t care if it’s real or not  but  you cannot deny  it that they look freaking cute when they are together. Don’t  you see TOP natural smile (not that he ever fakes a smile) but everytime he’s with Bom , he looks really amuse by it and he just naturally walks towards her. I know this may not be true but just let me spazz over those TOPBOM images.

This is why I love YG concerts because there will always be TOPBOM moments. lol

Let me just spazz

I was always scared to the film ’ the ring’ because people all over the internet said it was the scarist film ever , so i was  really scared to watch that film because I don’t like horror. Out of the blues , I have the guts  to watch the ring because hearing the storyline from my friend just made me pity Sadako , so I watched it. I was scared of Sadako face , so I hid under my blanket but as a whole , I didn’t get scared of the film.

The ring 1 , honestly , I found it really anti-climaic. I know it’s old , so the acting is a bit dramatic and the technology is  old  but I’ve watched and enjoyed old chinese dramas from the 1980s and I watched a  lot of  old comedy chinese films , so to me age doesn’t mean a thing because what matters is how good a film/drama is filmed (i.e the cast , the setting and the storyline. ) I’ve seen the worst  CGI in chinese dramas but I still watched because the drama was funny. Back to the film , I thought  that it was sad that the journalist told her son to past on the copied tape to her dad and  I think that they relied too much of their supernatural senses , it was great at one point but I thought that they just over done it, I would have preferred they sensed certain parts of the adopted dad’s memory and had to put together themselves.  Via the ring , I didn’t pity Sadako as much I did in the USA ver  because she technically had the power  to kill peple with her thoughts and face  , so I assumed that she was born evil but  I can’t  dislike her because she did have a tough a childhood and she didn’t chose to be born like that.

The ring 0: Brithday ,  oh  this film made me change my mind about the adopted parents. I thought  that the adopted parent miss treated her and was really horrible  to her but from that film , I felt that the parent actually love her and actually treated her as their real daughter . After watching it , I just dislike the reporter and the pople in the drama troupe. I know I can’t  blame them since they wanted  to live and were scared of Sadako but I just think that they should have lefted her alone and tried to be kind to her  because  the ‘good’ Sadako  could have helped them to lift the curse that bad Sadako put on them.

I haven’t watched the ring 2 because I think it’s abit  too scary for me but I think I will … might as well finish the story.

I was looking at  the size of the Akdong Musican future’s album and  it’s a 150mmx150mm , I feel like it’s going to be in a jaw case again. YG please prove me wrong and please stop with the jaw case , they look really ugly on my shelf. Jaw cases are really boring and it doesn’t give justice to the pictures what so ever. What’s the point of using professional cameras and having the effort  to edit them when the pictures will just be printed out on a small small paper…?

P.S I do plan to buy Winner’s debut ablum , please don’t disappoint me with that jaw case packaging and stop trying  to make it in USA (just because of Gangnam style).



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I live in the U.K , I would prefer to ship within U.K(so that  I can provide tracking if you want it) however, I can ship internationally but I will not provide TRACKING (so there will be a chance of it being lost.)


This is my ‘K-POP’ music magazine


This is part of my media course work , where I get the public’s opinion , please message the weakness and strengt.

P.S I need feedback on each of the products (front cover , content and double page spread)

2NE1’s album was finally released but I wonder when will their next one be release…?
Feeling happy

Last week , I wouldn’t say I had a bad week but I would say that I didn’t do much work and didn’t concenrate much during school because it was getting close  to the hoildays  and I was  just waiting waiting from my stuff to arrived.

This morning , all my Korean cleansing products arrives as well as my IU modern time album. It literally made my day , especially the IU modern time album. I didn’t  expect  it to come soo fast   , it literally took 5 days (not including week-ends) . Normally, my albums packages take forever  to come (it only happens to me , never on my sis or bro)

Just ordered T-ara’s again 1977 album , that’s my birthday money gone :( but it’s worth it . LOL

Haters , you guys should stop hating on T-ARA because of stupid rumours. Just enjoy the song , it’s  such a fun song. :)

I have too much fun  when I listen to KPOP , I forget to do my homework…

Yes I know it’s advetisement -lol

I recently have been writing a fanfiction of G-dragon and Taeyeon. It’s uploaded onto my wattpad and Asianfanfic.

The name is called 'Let the blossom boom'  , I didn’t know what to called and I am pretty sure that is a title for a Korean drama.

can you please complete my KPOP survey ?it’s part of my media course work and if you plan to do it please do send in your answer within friday and feel free to ask me any questions.

Random-KPOP albums

Before , I had my own paypal account  , I  used my sister’s paypal account  to purchase album but  ever since I have my own paypal account  , I  have  an habit of going on ebay everyday and looking at KPOP albums…

KPOP is not your best friend when you want to complete your work…

We got Married producers  , I see that your rating drop like crap every week and the rate haven’t been so high compared to the previous seasons … Well I’m sure that every fan have said it but ANNOY THE F*** OUT OF YG  to put TOP and Park Bom up there as well as Daesung and Tiffany and of course put DARA and _____ (I don’t know any pairings with Dara besides from Dara and CL … lol )

WITH THESE 3 COUPLES  , YOUR RATING WILL SHOOT UP HOW IT WAS IN SEASON 2 -lol If possible bring back the ADAM couple , they are the BEST !!!!