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Anonymous sent: s'okay. T.T

sorry, its just  that i don’t know how long it would take my photocard to arrive to your house , im unfamiliar with Singapore post system , so i am just scared that when i send the photocard to you , it has a greater chance of getting lost.

Anonymous sent: but I live so far away D: singaporeT.T it would cost alot right to ship the card?

from u.k to singapore, it wouldn’t cost a lot since it will be shipped as letter instead of  small parcel.

Although shipping wouldn’t cost a lot, sorry i don’t want to trade with you. I would prefer to trade within Europe/USA.

Thanks for the offer.

Anonymous sent: I have sulli's photo card from fx pinktape. do you wanna trade it for krystals photocard?

YES!!! But you would need to make a video to show that you own the photocard and please message me your youtube username so i know who you are.

Anonymous sent: Heyy! I saw you on Twitter wanting to sell a £55 Infinite Concert? Do u still hv the ticket?

it’s my friend using my twitter account to sell the ticket and  i am not sure if it’s sold yet but  message me your twitter name and  i will tell my  friend about it .

P.S please message me back ASAP because I  going  to go bed  soon and I am scared if I don’t see your message on tumblr.

Anonymous sent: Gtae is life and your fanfic is awesome!

Thanks for reading it :)